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In todays world data is everything. We have several decades worth of experience in processing data and optimizing the results. History data, usage profile, real-time data as well as outside data is used to provide the best end result.

Engineering Plans


We provide any technology needed but we do focus on modern solutions with as low CO2 as possible - the environment is our environment! Here are some examples:
1. BTES - Borehole Thermal Energy Storage. This is a breakthrough technology that can produce heating year round with even zero CO2. Also suitable for cooling.

2. Heat pump technology. Be it air-to-air, air-to-water or earth-to-water this is always a viable option.

3. Solar power. As solar cells are getting better and better solar power is more and more a good solution as it reduces energy costs and is an environmentally friendly option

Upward Curve


  • Optimize profit earning capability

  • Optimize comfort in office, production and other spaces

  • Optimize production

  • Optimize processes

  • Improvements with minimum impact on daily functions

  • Invest in the future without any investments

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